Andrew Scheer

2 days ago

Nearly Everything About Canada's Federal Election Sucked

Unworthy candidates, uninspired ideas, disinformation, laughable debates. And those were the highlights from this campaign.

4 days ago

Andrew Scheer Could Be Prime Minister Next Week. What You Need to Know

The Conservatives are polling neck and neck with the Liberals—here’s how their policies stack up.


We Watched the Final Leaders' Debate So You Don’t Have To

Andrew Scheer tried to come up with new Trudeau insults but the fourth and final leadership debate felt like more of the same.


Cancelling Student Debt Could Help Pay Your Rent. What if the Next PM Did It?

Forgiving federal government student loans could be a game-changer for a generation accused of failing to launch, and everyone stands to benefit.


Andrew Scheer Emulates Trump with MS-13 Border Scare Tactic

There’s no evidence to suggest that large numbers of criminals or MS-13 gangsters are trying to enter Canada via the U.S.


Andrew Scheer Has Been Misrepresenting His Resume for 15 Years

Archived websites show the Conservative leader claiming he was a licensed insurance broker, which has been reported to not be the case.


It's Hard to Imagine a Bleaker Leaders' Debate at a More Important Time

It was a six-way screaming match full of lies and one-liners. But lost in all that shouting was a glimpse into what Canada really is now.


Seven Quick Takeaways From the Canadian Election Debate

Justin Trudeau took the expected hits, but Jagmeet Singh may have left the biggest impression.


Canada’s Next Prime Minister Could Be an American!!!

Secret dual citizen Andrew Scheer says he’s working on renouncing his U.S. citizenship.


Everything You Missed at the First French Language Leaders' Debate

Andrew Scheer, not Justin Trudeau, faced some of the toughest criticisms of the debate.


Andrew Scheer Got Busted for a Pointless Resume Lie

“Insurance-gate” isn’t the only time the Conservative leader has been caught misrepresenting the truth.


Here Are Each Party's Plans to Make Your Phone and Internet Cheaper

Experts say campaign promises aren’t specific enough and won’t necessarily foster enough competition, which is what Canada needs to bring down prices further.