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Toronto Police Are Looking for an ‘Angry Bird’ Who Beat a Man Unconscious

He was angry AF.
Manisha Krishnan
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Did Obama Just Hint That He's a Secret Avicii Fan?

The incident in question took place at the US-Nordic Leaders Summit in Washington, DC on May 13.
Alexander Iadarola

Are Canadian and British Spy Agencies Really Spying on People via Angry Birds?

It's either a weird spy joke or a[nother] very disturbing encroachment on smartphone users' privacy.
Patrick McGuire
VICE vs Video games

Working in Video Games This Year Was a Long, Brutal Slog

I've received some death threats—and some stalkers, no less obnoxious for their sophomoric tactics—because I have consistently asserted that games are for everyone.
Leigh Alexander
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'The Sailor's Dream' Is the Ideal Video Game for People Who Don't Like Video Games

The upcoming title from Simogo is a "challenge-free experience in which you explore a nonlinear story through words, music, sounds, and illustrations.” Sounds sort of like a jumbled-up book.
Mike Diver

Bored Government Workers on Wikipedia Are Causing PR Problems for Their Bosses

Patrick McGuire takes a look at a recent Wikipedia edit, made by the Canadian Department of National Defence, to an article about US Mass Surveillance.
Patrick McGuire

A Decade of Computer Games

Ten years is basically a billion years in video games. In 1992, when Mortal Kombat came out on arcades, crowds would gather in the belief that they were seeing a duel from some far-flung nation—like China—where the natives were born with four arms and...
Chris Donlan