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Anthony Weiner Is Going to Prison for Sexting a 15-Year-Old

The disgraced politician cried as he was sentenced to 21 months on Monday.
River Donaghey
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Anthony Weiner Allegedly Sexted a 15-Year-Old High School Student, Too

"He had some rape fantasies," the unnamed teen said.
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The FBI says foreign hackers broke into state voter databases, scientists have detected a radio signal from space, Gene Wilder has died at age 83, and more.
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Huma Abedin Is Leaving Anthony Weiner Following His Latest Sexting Scandal

The top Clinton aide announced Monday she would be separating from her husband, who was caught sending sexually suggestive photos and texts with yet another woman.
VICE Staff

Netiquette 101: How to Be a Politician on Twitter

It might seem silly that Twitter released a 136-page manual for political figures, but a lot of them could use the help.
Drew Millard

Dating a Porn Star Is as Awesome as It Sounds

We asked three lucky boyfriends what it's like to be living out every teenage boy's dream.
Sophie Saint Thomas
The Future According to VICE

The Future of Sex According to VICE

In the next 20 years we will all be fucking robots, sexting porn stars, and continuing to watch porn.
Mitchell Sunderland

Sydney Leathers Lived in My Apartment for a Week

Anthony Weiner's notorious sexting partner visited me for my college graduation.
Mitchell Sunderland

Monica Lewinsky Could Have Been Paris Hilton

If Monica Lewinsky had embraced her identity as the world's most famous other woman, she could have been Paris Hilton four years before The Simple Life aired.
Mitchell Sunderland

Why Did Sydney Leathers Try to Auction Off Bits of Her Labia?

Since she became famous for being Anthony Weiner's sexting partner, the former aspiring lawyer has become a reclusive D-list celebrity who rarely leaves her apartment but has gone on Howard Stern, starred in a porno, and attempted to sell bits of her...
Mitchell Sunderland

The Rent Is Too Damn High Guy Is Still Running for Mayor of NYC

Jimmy McMillan is the guy with the mustache and the catchphrase, the meme of a candidate who everyone laughs at. Only this time around, no one is paying attention, even though the rent is as high as ever.
Gideon Resnick

These Women Are Turning Dick Pics into Art

Over 300 men who have engaged in a little harmless dick pic sending this summer may be shocked to find their members mounted, framed, and put on display August 23 at a Brooklyn, gallery space by an artist collective known as Future Femme.
Talia Beth Ralph