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Journalists Aren't Safe from the Flying Fists of Greece's Fascists

We were in Athens when some reporters and our photographer were attacked by Greece's Golden Dawn party.


Photos of the Police Trying to Push Anti-Fascists and Neo-Nazis Apart in Liverpool

Firecrackers, bottles, and rocks flew on both sides as police escorted the far-right North West Infidels past a counter-protest on Saturday.


English Nazis Held a 'White Man March' Over the Weekend

It was the biggest openly Nazi march to take place in Britain in years—maybe since the 90s.


Paris Terror Attacks: Will France Ever Be the Same Again?

Political analyst Jérôme Sainte-Marie fears the Charlie Hebdo murders will cause racist and xenophobic attitudes to go mainstream.


English Fascists Protested Against Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

Which, weirdly, is based in a flat in North West London.


The Rise of Sweden's Far-Left Militants

In Sweden, there's been a sharp rise in political violence in the country, with crimes carried out by radical groups making headlines. What's unusual is that one of the most violent extremist organizations in Sweden aligns itself not with Nazism and...


Moronic English Fascists Marched On Parliament in London

The English Defence League's ranks may have swollen, but they still all have tiny brains.