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Veteran Berkeley protester to antifa: "try to be braver"

VICE News spoke to a veteran Berkeley protester who claims that antifa is doing it all wrong


Quebec’s anti-immigration protesters got trapped in a parking garage

Anti-fascist demonstrators instead faced off with police in Quebec City on Sunday. One person was arrested.


Step Inside Kimi Karki's Anti-Fascist, Psychosexual World

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The Bay Area's Antifa Movements Are Alive and Well

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USBM Greats Woe Have Returned with a Vengeance

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Even Furries Are Fighting Fascists

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UC Berkeley Protesters Threw a Dance Party After Shutting Down Milo Yiannopoulos’ Talk

Anti-fascist demonstrators clashed with police who called off the controversial Breitbart editor's scheduled talk.


Athens Welcomed Obama with Molotov Bombs and Tear Gas

On Tuesday morning, Barack Obama arrived in Athens for his final foreign trip as president of the United States.


Journalists Aren't Safe from the Flying Fists of Greece's Fascists

We were in Athens when some reporters and our photographer were attacked by Greece's Golden Dawn party.