anti-terror legislation


Bill C-51 Is More Unpopular than Ever

Support is still dropping for the anti-terror legislation.


Support Plummets For Harper’s Anti-Terror Bill, New Poll Shows

An exclusive VICE poll says Canadians are changing their minds about C-51.


Canada Continues Bombing ISIS as Mission-Extension Deadline Nears

CF-18s are bombing terrorists in Iraq while Harper pushes his 1984 bill at home.


Add Quebec’s Separatists to the Groups That Think Bill C-51 Will Target Them

Bill C-51 "challenges citizens' right to dissent and reaches way beyond its mandate, which is to fight against terrorist threat."


Some Kind of Monster: A Brief History of Harper’s Big Fat Omnibus Bills

Bill C-51 is the most polarizing issue in Canada right now. It has sparked a national debate about surveillance, terror, and judicial oversight, but it is also the most recent in a long line of mind-numbingly long Conservative bills.


Another Suspected Islamic State Sympathizer Arrested in Canada

Authorities allege the arrested man was plotting an attack on financial buildings and the US consulate in Toronto.


Trudeau Says Conservatives Are Prejudiced Against Muslims, But Is Still Cool with C-51

The Liberal leader slammed Harper but defended the government's new security measures.


Anti-Terror Bill Greenlights Intel Obtained By Torture, Says Green Party Leader

Elizabeth May is raising the alarm over C-51, which may allow law enforcement to use intelligence gathered by doing some sick shit.


The Conservatives’ Anti-Terror Bill Has Hit Its First Speedbump

Despite efforts to race the bill through Parliament, the NDP have succeeded in tripping up C-51.


Top ISIS Spokesperson Calls for More Parliament-Style Attacks on Canada

ISIS' chief spokesperson has encouraged like-minded Muslims to use the Parliament Hill shooting as an example and to attack Canada.