To Hell And Back

Why I Booked an Anti-Fascist Metal Festival

Fest organizer (and Noisey metal editor) Kim Kelly explains how Black Flags Over Brooklyn 2019 is both a labor of love and a call to action.
Kim Kelly

Florida gun dealer has “zero apologies” for threatening antifa

“We offer zero apologies to anyone that is offended by this advertisement that depicts armed, but peaceful, patriotic Americans standing up against socialist, anarchist and communist rioters”
Tess Owen
VICE Specials

The Black Bloc: Inside America’s Hard Left

VICE met members of Philadelphia's Antifa movement to learn more about their tactics before they went out to a local Trump rally.
VICE Staff

My Strange Afternoon Among Anti-Fascists Waiting for the KKK to Show Up

Protesters, including some anti-fascists itching for a fight, were prepared for the KKK to arrive in Danville, North Carolina. But the Klan never showed.
Drew Millard

The March for England Turned into an Ugly Shouting Match Between Fascists and Antifascists

And a couple of our reporters got caught in the middle.
Simon Childs

The Golden Dawn Has a British Fan Club

On Saturday, a few dozen English fascists held a demonstration in solidarity with their Greek counterparts. I talked to their leader about why they felt the need to start yet another nationalist organization.
Sumy Sadurni

Was Pavlos Fyssas's Funeral the Beginning of the End of the Golden Dawn?

On Thursday morning, I found myself in Athens' Schistos cemetery. As I arrived, I was met by hundreds of grieving Greeks, all staring at the white coffin of murdered antifascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas (known as Killah P.) as it was carried inside the...
Antonis Diniakos, Photos: Alexandros Katsis

Immigrants Are Being Stabbed to Death on the Streets of Athens

On Saturday Javed Aslam, the Pakistani president of the Union of Immigrant Workers in Greece, addressed a crowd of about 5,000 people who had marched all the way to Syntagma Square, in front of the parliament building, to protest against fascism and...
Matthaios Tsimitakis