Arcade Fire


Weaves Get Weird On Their Cover of Arcade Fire's "Neighbourhood #3 (Power's Out)"

For Polaris Prize's Cover Sessions, the band turns the Arcade Fire cut into a jittery banger.


Arcade Fire Are Still ~Commenting~ on Product Placement

Their 12-minute "Money + Love" video maintains the 'corporations, right??' focus of their 'Everything Now' album rollout.


An Exclusive, Behind-the-Scenes Look at 'Ayo,' Bomba Estéreo’s Latest Album

The eponymous documentary offers an inside look into the Colombian band’s creative process, during, before, and after their recent record "Ayo".


Here’s What University Students Have On Their Dorm Walls

It’s a mix of Shawn Mendes, Pulp Fiction (still!) and some artsy nudity.


Listen to Arcade Fire’s Cover of John Lennon’s “Mind Games”

It was released this morning as part of the band's 'Spotify Singles' mini-EP.


The Weird Arcade Fire Album Rollout Just Never Stops

The band have now apologized for how 'Everything Now' was promoted but I wouldn't be surprised if this was another wink-nudge ruse.


Believe It or Not, Actual Sales Gave Arcade Fire a Number One Album

Wait, who's out here buying CDs?


Arcade Fire Get Colbert in on the Infinite Content Show

The band performed "Everything Now" and "Creature Comfort" on 'The Late Show.' Like 'Everything Now,' it was all supposed to be about More Than The Music.


Arcade Fire and Broken Social Scene Struggle to Remain Sane in an Unfair World

Both bands' respective new albums represent a symbolic yin and yang that showcase contrasting viewpoints on how to deal with the social and political downturn of today.


Arcade Fire Still Rules, So It's a Bummer That 'Everything Now' Doesn't

Seeing the Montreal band's incredible live show in NYC only throws their current creative rut into sharp relief.


We Went Down Arcade Fire's Fake News Rabbit Hole

The band has a new album coming out this week. Hmmmm.