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Woke Old Sportscaster Sounds Off On Lack of Black NFL Coaches

WFAA sportscaster Dale Hansen sounds off on the lack of diversity in the NFL—on the coaching end. He's not wrong.


Goodell Celebrates Legal Win with Fireball Shots in NYC Dive Bar

I mean, I expected Jager Bombs, but whatever.


Former Ravens TE Todd Heap Accidentally Hit, Killed His 3-Year-Old Daughter In Driveway With His Truck

"We cannot imagine the heartbreak and sorrow Todd and Ashley's family feels right now. This is knee-buckling news and overwhelmingly sad tragedy."


​Ahem, The Bears Would Really, Really Like To Trade Jay Cutler

The market for Jay Cutler is, uh, not great.


Michael Floyd Given 120-Day Jail Sentence in Plea Deal for DUI

Floyd will spend 24 days behind bars—the rest on house arrest—and will have to do 30 hours of community service and pay a $5,115 fine.


Michael Floyd's BAC Was .217 After Cops Found Him Passed Out in His Car at an Intersection

Police arrested Floyd after he slept through two green light cycles at an intersection in his car.


Kerwynn Williams Loses Shoe, Scores TD Anyway

Thirty-five yards of his 49-yard touchdown came with only one shoe on.


Arizona's David Johnson is a Wide Receiver in Running Back's Clothing

David Johnson torched Washington on Sunday the same way he's being doing it all year: on the ground and through the air.


Fox Sound Guy Gets Trucked By Vikings Leaving the Tunnel

Wow. Ouch. (What else is there to say?)


Xavier Rhodes Likes His Pick Sixes Full Field, Thank You Very Much

Xavier sees you snacking on your boring-ass 10-yard pick sixes, and he's calling that shit weak.


Cam Newton Inaugurated as Mayor of Candyland

Looking like Cam was about to make a royal decree about gumdrop deficits in the frosted palace today.


Even a Cardinals-Seahawks Tie Can't Save This Season: Dumb Football with Mike Tunison

What the NFL does best is big dumb spectacle, like a double-sided meltdown at the end of a nearly unwatchable prime-time game.