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The Blue Jays Will Show Us How Much They Value Roberto Osuna's Arm

Sports teams often value on-field production above all else. But will Toronto welcome back Osuna, who was suspended 75 games for violating MLB's domestic violence policy?
Drew Fairservice
hal steinbrenner

Hal Steinbrenner on Aroldis Chapman and Domestic Violence: 'Sooner or Later We Forget, Right?'

Steinbrenner also said Chapman was one of the few players who could get parents to bring their kids to the park.
Sean Newell

Know Thyself: How Self-Assessment by Teams Fires The MLB Hot Stove

For a front office on the verge of making a move, sometimes the biggest risk is uncertainty about how good—or bad—their team already is.
Rian Watt

The MLB Offseason So Far: Who's in, Who's Out, and Who's Just Confused

Spring Training is just six weeks away—and we're starting to get a sense of which teams will be competing in 2017.
Emma Baccellieri
Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Billy Wagner, B.J. Ryan, and 2005's Winter of the Reliever

This off-season is expected to change how relievers are compensated. But as 2005 showed, that may not be the case for long.
Mike Piellucci
aroldis chapman

What is Aroldis Chapman Going to Have Left for Game 7?

Joe Maddon's curious use of Aroldis Chapman continued into Game 6. Now what for Game 7?
Sean Newell
aroldis chapman

Aroldis Chapman Did Something He's Never Done Before, Right When the Cubs Needed It

Chapman earned an eight-out save last night and was still throwing gas after 40 pitches.
Robert O'Connell
bad ideas

The Cubs, for Reasons Passing Understanding, Play "Smack My Bitch Up" After Aroldis Chapman Inning

How does anyone even have this song at their disposal to play?
Dave Brown

For The First Time In Generations, Youth Is Being Served In The Bronx

Under the Steinbrenners, the Yankees have made a policy of burying young players and buying expensive older ones. At the trading deadline, that all changed.
Steven Goldman
this particular week in baseball

Expensive Relievers, Unavailable Catchers, And More: This Particular Week In Baseball

The trade market for relief pitchers continues to defy reason, the universe continues to defy the Cleveland Indians, and teams get ready to change everything.
Matthew Kory

Once Again Nats Hoarding Prospects at the Possible Cost of a Championship

The Nationals need a closer because Jonathan Papelbon is having the worst season of his career. But Washington doesn't want to give up any prospects to get one.
Mike Vorkunov

The Trade Market for Closers Is Insane, and the Royals Would Be Crazy Not to Take Advantage

The Yankees got a great prospect haul for Aroldis Chapman. The Royals, who have holes to fill and a closer worth more to other teams than them, could do even better.
Steven Goldman