How Arsene Wenger's Rise and Fall Mirrors the End of Blairism and Cool Britannia

Blair’s Third Way and Wenger’s vitamin-infused tiki taka transformed their fields, were re-worked by others and then ceased to work.
Oscar Rickett
this weekend in the premier league

Return of the Moyes: This Weekend in the Premier League

With West Ham an absolute shitshow at this point and managerial change in the air, the long shadow of David Moyes looms over English football once more.
Will Magee

Red Star Belgrade Welcomes Arsenal to the Post-Apocalypse

That's incentive enough for Arsenal to aim for something higher than fourth place in the EPL, huh?
Liam Daniel Pierce

Decline of the Hard Lad: This Weekend in the Premier League

Crystal Palace finally scored a goal!
Will Magee

Köln Fans Storm Arsenal's Emirates Stadium, Delaying Match

The game has been delayed an hour due to a surge of roughly 20,000 fans of the Germany side. Yet only 3,000 of them have tickets to the game itself.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Arsenal Sign Lacazette, Make Him Hold Up Shirt He's Already Wearing

Only Arsenal could embarrass themselves like this when unveiling their record signing.
Aaron Gordon
top flight tinnies

When Manchester United and Liverpool Launched Their Own Lagers, and Failed

While it may seem implausible now, some of the biggest clubs in England once attempted to brand their own tinnies. Accused of encouraging hooliganism and drunkenness, they were forced to back down.
Ryan Herman

The Big Six EPL Teams Want To Take Money From The Bottom 14

The Big Six think they deserve a bigger share of the international TV revenue, but it's a shortsighted ploy that might backfire.
Aaron Gordon

Wenger Signs A New Deal At Arsenal And God Help Me I'm OK With That

Arsenal reportedly has rewarded Wenger with a new contract after an FA Cup win this weekend.
Aaron Gordon
fa cup final

Scenes Of Elation On The Streets of North London After Arsenal’s FA Cup Triumph

On Saturday, Arsenal only went and beat Chelsea to win the FA Cup for a record 13th time. We were on the streets of North London, taking pictures of the resultant carnage.
Will Magee
FA cup

Arsenal Go Up Early in FA Cup Final on Controversial Goal

There was an issue with interference of play by an offside man.
Liam Daniel Pierce
shite derby streaks

Football Clubs’ Worst Ever Streaks Against Their Derby Rivals

With Atletico Madrid suffering yet more pain in Europe at the hands of intra-city rivals Real, we take a look at the worst derby streaks of all time.
Will Magee