Matt Lauer Reveals in His Letter He’s Actually Been Anything but 'Silent'

Men who've been accused of assault talk about it more than anyone, as a way to "gather empathy."


Lyft Allegedly Let a Driver Give More Than 700 Rides After He Stomped on a Passenger’s Head

A Brooklyn musician’s assault by a Lyft driver raises questions of how closely the company follows regulations.


Man Faces Assault Charge After Allegedly Throwing Cupcake at Driver in Road Rage Incident

Trevor Pearson, 31, allegedly responded to a middle finger by winging a cupcake out his car window and smacking another driver right in the face.


Trump Really Wanted A$AP Rocky to Personally Thank Him. But Rocky Stopped Returning his Texts.

The White House had reportedly hoped Trump's advocacy for Rocky would help his image in the black community.


Cleveland Cop Arrested and Suspended After He Allegedly Urinated on 12-Year-Old Girl and Filmed It

Solomon Nhiwatiwa is accused of assaulting the girl as she waited for a school bus.


Security Contractor at Facebook Content Moderation Facility Arrested for Allegedly Threatening People With a Gun

The individual worked at a facility belonging to Cognizant, a Facebook contractor. Police arrested him while at work, but the alleged assault didn't happen on site.


Woman Cuts Boyfriend After He Got Them Kicked Out of Bryan Adams Concert

A fight after the show involved a tub of macaroni salad and a potato peeler.


Fortnite Gamer Arrested After Allegedly Assaulting Girlfriend on Livestream

Other gamers called the police after witnessing the incident.


Former Queen’s Student Who Assaulted Teen Girl Invited To Lecture at University

Chance Macdonald’s victim said it’s “ridiculous” that he keeps getting more opportunities.


This Is the Emotional and Financial Cost of Sexual Assault

I sometimes find myself very depressed over the question “who would I be had I not been raped?”


Full Transcript of XXXTentacion Domestic Abuse Recording Released

The full recording captures the late controversial rapper admitting to instances of violence and domestic abuse and discussing his struggles with suicidal thoughts and trauma.


An online sisterhood is exposing alleged assaults on rideshare

Women are using social media to name and shame Uber drivers and others.