Atlanta Falcons


Michael Bennett Indicted for Injuring Elderly Security Guard at Super Bowl LI

The Philadelphia Eagles' new defensive end was charged with injury of the elderly for allegedly injuring a paraplegic 66-year-old woman.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Someone Is Selling Takkarist McKinley's Dreadlock on EBay

The Atlanta Falcons rookie found the listing and tweeted "I gotta buy my dread back." Creepy.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers had a 100 Percent Chance of Beating the Kings and Still Lost

The Los Angeles Clippers blown lead to the Kings was mathematically worse than even the Atlanta Falcons losing to the Patriots in the Super Bowl.
John Hugar
Tom Brady

The FBI Found Tom Brady's Stolen Super Bowl Jersey on "Foreign Soil"

Multiple law enforcement organizations finally tracked down Tom Brady's stolen Super Bowl jersey.
Dave Brown
Super Bowl LI

Roddy White: I Would Have Fought Kyle Shanahan During Super Bowl

Roddy White had a lot to say about Kyle Shanahan's decision to pass down the stretch of Super Bowl LI.
Patrick Sauer
cockroach tom brady

Atlanta Zoo Settles Super Bowl Bet By Naming Hissing Cockroach After Tom Brady

Atlanta's consolation prize for making the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history possible is a hissing cockroach named Tom Brady.
Sean Newell
super bowl

Why College Football Gets Overtime Right, and the NFL Gets It Wrong

New England's anticlimactic Super Bowl victory was more evidence that the NFL should adopt the fairer, better college football overtime system invented by a high school basketball coach named Brice Durbin.
Michael Weinreb
Julian Edelman

Julian Edelman Was Mic'd Up for the Super Bowl and it Was Great

Julian Edelman knew right away he caught the craziest catch in Super Bowl history.
Patrick Sauer
steve sarkisian

Steve Sarkisian Hired as Falcons Offensive Coordinator

Where Alabama and Atlanta were losers in their respective title games, Steve Sarkisian was a winner.
Joseph Flynn

Bell Media Blames CRTC's Ruling For Significant Super Bowl Ratings Drop in Canada

Ratings for the Patriots-Falcons Super Bowl on Bell Media's networks dropped 39 percent from 2016, as Canadians switched over to Fox to enjoy American commercials.
Daniel Samuel
New England Patriots

Early Edition Boston Globe Reports Patriots Lost

Can we live in this alternate universe? Even if it is in Florida?
Sean Newell
Super Bowl LI

Genie Bouchard Agrees to Date After Super Bowl Bet with Fan on Twitter

Tennis star Genie Bouchard learned a valuable lesson last night: never tweet.
Dave Brown