Atlanta Hawks


Dear Toronto Raptors: Bring Back Vince Carter

Let Carter try to win a championship with Toronto and finish off his legendary career where it started.


John Collins is the Rarest Jewel

The Atlanta Hawks sophomore is already separating himself from other members of his standout draft class. What's next is anybody's guess. "I’m not gonna say I didn’t put in any work."


The Chef's Kiss of Passes

If you aren't watching Trae Young run the Atlanta Hawks offense, what are you even doing with your life?


The Hawks are Using The Process to Build the Next Warriors

Passing up a chance to select Luka Doncic with the third pick may come back to bite them, but Atlanta's team-building philosophy has that organization on the right track.


Ben Simmons Roasts Hawks While Playing Video Games with Karl-Anthony Towns

The Philadelphia 76ers point guard told KAT he had "plenty of time to play" PUBG ahead of the Wolves game against the lowly Atlanta Hawks.


Bow Wow on Beating Lonzo Ball in 3-Point Contest: 'I Don't Train and I Smoke Weed'

Bow Wow can't stop bragging about taking one game vs. Lonzo in a recent best of three.


Do Not Sleep on the Atlanta Hawks

With a new general manager and stabilized ownership in place, the Hawks are about to enter an era with more high-ceiling possibilities than currently meet the eye.


Michael Jordan Will Feed His Black Heart with Dwight Howard's Mushy Soul

Dwight is poised to become MJ's next Kwame Brown.


John Wall Dunks After Going Coast to Coast in Four Dribbles, Does Not Need Teammates

Actually, seeing as how the Wizards were down by 25 points in the first quarter before his dunk, the answer is: yes. He needs teammates a lot right now.


The Atlanta Hawks Should Probably Bench Dwight Howard

Even if it ruins his trade value and damages the organization down the road, Atlanta's only hope to beat the Wizards is benching Howard.


John Wall Put on a G-D Clinic With 15 Points in the Third Quarter

It's hard to come up with a list of things he doesn't do in this series.


Games Within Games in the NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs

From Paul George versus LeBron James to Boston's depth versus Chicago's experience, here are the key first-round postseason subplots to watch.