Students Learn More if Their Teacher Is Hot, Study Says

Researchers found that not only did the students with the attractive professor score better on the test, they rated the professor higher than the not-hot one.


Guys Don't Care About Safe Sex If the Woman Is Hot, Study Says

Men are apparently more likely to have unprotected sex with a women they were real attractive, regardless of how likely they thought it was that she had an STI.


This Subreddit Tells You Exactly How Ugly You Are

Which, depending on who you are, can either be helpful or not very nice at all.


I’m Fugly, and I Won’t Be Your Waiter Tonight

The food industry employs 10 percent of the American workforce, and many restaurants are breaking anti-discrimination laws by requiring applicants to submit head shots—which means, if you're ugly, you might not get hired.


Question of the Day - What Sort of Person Wants to Bone You?

For whatever reason, Asian girls just dig me. Maybe my Western brashness is exotic to them? Who knows?