Auston Matthews


Gritty Is the NHL's Biggest Star

We reviewed the first month of the NHL season and learned that not even Connor McDavid or Auston Matthews can do what the Flyers' freaky-looking mascot has done for the game.


The Toronto Maple Leafs Are Totally Going to Win the Stanley Cup

Nothing can stop them, not even their terrible defence. Plan the parade!


This Is Why We Love the NHL

No, this isn't a Gritty love letter, but he's pretty awesome and one of many reasons why you should be pumped for the NHL season.


Down Goes Brown: Why Leafs Fans Aren't Miserable for Once

Watching Leafs fans be miserable has pretty much become an end-of-season tradition. But that's not the case this time. Sorry, everyone. There's always next year.


The Good Far Outweighed the Bad During Maple Leafs' Exciting Playoff Run

From Matthews and Andersen to Kadri and, yes, Dart Guy, the Toronto Maple Leafs delivered a steady supply of great postseason moments.


McDavid and Matthews' Playoff Debuts Signal the Start of a New NHL Era

Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby have dominated the playoff conversation in the past decade. It's time for Auston Matthews and Connor McDavid's star turn.


Auston Matthews Had One of the Greatest Rookie Seasons Ever

The 19-year-old Maple Leafs star has the Calder Trophy locked up, and exceeded even the most optimistic expectations.


Is the NHL Bailing on the Olympics to Protect Team Canada? A VICE Sports Conspiracy Theory

Team USA was set to have a young, fast-paced roster at the 2018 and 2022 Olympics. They are now likely to be denied a chance at winning gold.


The Best Races to Track in the Last Two Weeks of the NHL Season

You probably think most of the conventional races in the NHL regular season have been settled. We are here to show you some of the more unconventional races still to be decided.


William Nylander Is the O.G. of the Maple Leafs' Rebuild

Stealing Nylander with the No. 8 pick in the 2014 draft was the start of something special for Toronto.


Are the Ottawa Senators the New Maple Leafs?

We used to be able to laugh at the ineptitude of the Maple Leafs. No more. But maybe the Senators will take their place.


Matthews-Laine Is the New Crosby-Ovechkin

We hope the NHL's latest rivalry isn't full of as many terrible narratives as the last one.