How a Simple Song Is Helping Fight Malaria

Kids Against Malaria is a project by kids who study music and the arts in West Africa.
Zachary Lipez

Inside (SHOPATHON)RED's Fight Against HIV and AIDS

We talk to RED CEO Deborah Dugan about her organization's continued efforts to eradicate HIV/AIDS worldwide.
Aly Comingore

How to Be Chill About Mental Health

We wanted to hear from some of our favourite people who have gone through their own mental health challenges to find out what it was like, how they dealt with it, and what we can do to be a friend to someone going through it.
VICE Staff

We Meet Members of India's Third-Gender Community on 'GAYCATION'

Ian and Ellen talk with an Indian pop group using music to raise awareness about the hijra population, one of the world's oldest recorded third gender communities, on the next episode of 'GAYCATION.'
VICE Staff
The Noisey Guide To Music and Mental Health

Lost and Unwanted: How a Disastrous Record Deal Can Fuck with Your Mental Health

Like so many musicians, Willis Earl Beal and Clare Maguire both signed life-changing recording contracts, but neither were prepared for quite how life-changing they would be.
Nick Levine
The VICE Guide to Mental Health

You Have No Idea What the Term 'Depressed' Really Means Until It Devours You

"Depression" was a just a word to me before, like "sandals" or "matinée." Now, I get a pang in my chest whenever I hear it.
Joe Bish

Why I Wish I'd Received My HIV Diagnosis at Home

My diagnosis in a clinic four years ago felt rushed and robotic. Looking back, I'd much rather have used a home-testing kit and let it all sink in before getting clinical support.
Tom Hayes
The VICE Guide to Mental Health

How Do You Help Someone You Love When They're Depressed?

One in five of us will experience depression in our lifetime. Here are some tips on how to help someone when they are unwell.
Kit Caless

Real Sex Education Means Teaching Kids the Power of 'No'

As someone who's entire sex education was a 280-pound nun denouncing abortion, I'm on board with the push in the UK for sex ed being part of the curriculum from elementary school onward.
Joanna Fuertes Knight

Is an LGBT School a Good Idea?

Either way, it emphasizes how bleak a prospect life can be for young LGBT people in Britain.
Cliff Joannou

The Writer of 'Queer as Folk' Talks Rimming, Grindr, and Ryan Reynolds Masturbating

Russell T. Davies has been making British television gayer for decades.
Eleanor Morgan

Increased Hospital Admissions for Young Self-Harmers Is a Stark Wake-Up Call

Self-harm hospital admissions among children are at a five-year high in the UK. The BBC ​reported yesterday that admissions of girls aged 10-14 had increased by nearly 93 percent over the past two years—with a rise of 45 percent in boys of the same age.
David Whelan