bad luck

bad luck

The Other Richard Spencer Would Like You to Please Stop Yelling at Him

This is what it's like to share a name with a notorious asshole.
Luke Winkie

I Started Wearing a Fedora to See if it Would Ruin My Life

It did. Almost instantly.
David Allegretti

Nick Saban Has Destroyed Auburn's Capacity for Joy

The Auburn job is a sucker's bet as long as Nick Saban is at Alabama.
Kevin Trahan

The Chicago Bulls Are In Purgatory, But Do They Want To Leave?

For half a decade the Bulls seemed to be separated from a shot at the championship by nothing more than some injury luck. That's no longer the case. So now what?
John Wilmes
Girl Writer

My Belief in the Evil Eye is Feeding My Anxiety

Growing up with a superstitious mom contributed to my chronic anxiety and the belief that everyone around me has a secret desire to see me fail.
Alison Stevenson

PREMIERE: Bad Luck's New EP 'Noise In Your Head' Is Timeless Punky Fun

Listen now and get good luck for the next 30 years.
John Hill

Why Has This Immigrant Been in Jail for 900 Days if He's Not Being Charged with Anything?

In 2012, Benito Vasquez-Hernandez was picked up in California and taken to Oregon to testify against his son in a murder case. He's still there.
Mike Pearl
The Fear Digest

Not Finding 'Friends,' Getting Fat, and Other Things That Freaked Out Americans This Week

We entered 2015 the way we left 2014: worried about everything.
Harry Cheadle
Neither Big nor Easy

Killing a Ten-Foot Alligator in the Swamps of Louisiana

When you own swampland in Louisiana, it can be a bit like owning an inefficient alligator farm. I took a trip with Dave Turgeon to the swamp where he makes part of his living.
Michael Patrick Welch

T. Kid's Bad Luck Charm

Maintaining a high school weed habit was a hassle exemplified by run-ins with the police. For years, the cops never arrested us—they were chasing us for fun—but this merry game of cat and mouse turned dark one summer when police found a dime bag in my...
T. Kid