ballroom culture


Beautiful Photographs of the Thriving Underground Ballroom Community

Dustin Thierry’s ongoing Opulence series documents the queer people of color who have continued to give meaning to Ballroom as the years have gone on and the culture has moved across the Atlantic.


My Ballroom ‘House Father’ Made Me the Man I Am Today

In many houses in the ballroom scene, fathers provide guidance and support that can change lives. This is how one changed mine.


Photos from the Largest Ballroom Competition in the World

At the Latex Ball, HIV awareness meets the drama and glamour of ball culture.


Don't You Dare Compare 'Kiki' to 'Paris Is Burning'

One big difference between this vogueing documentary and 'Paris Is Burning'? It shows how deeply intersectional activism has penetrated its young subjects' lives.


The Iconic Drag Queen Behind Frank Ocean's 'Endless'

Frank Ocean's sampling of ballroom queen Crystal LaBeija pays direct homage to a figure integral to the nightlife culture of the LGBTQ community of colour.