I Thought Oktoberfest Would Suck, But Then I Remembered I’m a Trash Person

In theory I should have hated everything about the world’s largest beer festival, but somehow I thrived.


The Craft Beer Community Is Finally Trying to Tackle Its Race Problem

After a virulently racist email was sent to a Black beer writer suggesting she didn't belong in the industry, the beer world is rallying around her online.


Simon Cowell’s Terrifying New Face Came From Drinking Light Beer, His Colleague Says

The 'America's Got Talent' judge, meanwhile, says that he looks totally different because he eats healthier now, or something.


Aussie Sportswriter Charged $68,000 for Single Beer at Hotel Bar

After consulting with the bar manager, Peter Lalor ended up with a bottle of Deuchars—a Scottish IPA—and one of the most expensive tabs ever.


A Texas Brewery Is Under Fire for Naming a Beer After a Nuclear Test Site

'Bikini Atoll' has sparked backlash from people in the Marshall Islands, who have pointed out that lingering radiation from U.S. nuclear weapons tests prevents people from living in their ancestral homelands.


Beer Company Says It'll Pay Your Rent for a Year, Doesn't Understand How Much Rent Costs

Keystone Light is also giving away 150 "Adulting Transition Packs," which include a tasteful chandelier made from Keystone Light cans.


Stop Leaving Cigarettes and Beer on Funeral Altars, Irish Priest Begs

What, like leaving a pack of Parliaments and an empty High Life on a casket is disrespectful or something?


Man Sues TGI Friday’s for Not Listing Drink Prices on the Menu

The man was appalled that a Stella Artois cost him... five dollars?


Legend Who Got Axed from Slayer Show and Swam Back Is Now on Beer Can

He didn't make it back into the show, but the image of him swimming is now part of a new Budweiser label design.


German City Foils Neo-Nazi Festival by Confiscating All of Its Beer

Cops confiscated more than 4000 liters of beer from the Sword and Shield festival in Ostritz, while activists bought out the local supermarkets' stock.


Enter Thrash Zone, a Japanese Metal Bar Where 'Extreme Beer' Is Everything

In 2006, there was nowhere in Japan to listen to face-melting riffs while drinking beer that tastes like Hell's bongwater. Then Koichi Katsuki came along.


These Guys Found a Fridge of Ice Cold Beer Left After a Flood

You wouldn't believe what they did next.