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VICE launches new legal battle to protect journalist's materials

The company argues an RCMP order for Ben Makuch's communications with a dead ISIS fighter is "unenforceable."


Canadian politicians aren’t fazed by Supreme Court ruling against VICE reporter

The decision compels VICE reporter Ben Makuch to hand over his communications with an alleged ISIS member


This Is a Dark Day for Press Freedom

Our editorial response to today’s Supreme Court of Canada ruling.


Supreme Court rules against VICE in press freedom battle against the RCMP

The Supreme Court has upheld an RCMP order compelling VICE and reporter Ben Makuch to hand over source materials.


Supreme Court of Canada will rule on VICE press freedom case on Friday

The extent to which Canadian law enforcement can access a journalist’s work is at the heart of the case of national security reporter Ben Makuch.


Hey JT, Thanks for the Help with the Far Right, Now Maybe Keep Our Reporter Out of Jail

We appreciate Justin Trudeau’s defence of press freedom, but he could go a lot further.


VICE press freedoms case now in the hands of the Supreme Court

Media groups back up reporter Ben Makuch, who has been ordered by Canadian police to hand over communications he had with a suspected terrorist


VICE's legal battle with RCMP hits the Supreme Court

The case of national security reporter Ben Makuch could result in a landmark decision for press freedoms in Canada


Supreme Court of Canada to hear VICE press freedoms case

VICE reporter Ben Makuch is challenging the RCMP's demands to hand over materials on an accused ISIS militant he interviewed


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On the season finale of 'CYBERWAR,' Ben Makuch investigates why government spyware is cropping up on Mexican reporters' smartphones.


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Canada won’t say whether it will stop prosecuting a dead ISIS fighter

Even after his supposed death, Canadian police kept up efforts to seize a VICE journalist’s notes