Best of 2018


Vengeful Women Dominated Pop Culture in 2018

In light of #MeToo, many more female protagonists resorted to violence.


The Best Shows We Watched One Episode Of

When you're good, but not good enough.


Everyone We Couldn't Escape in 2018

From Ari to Gritty to Adonis's swole ass dad, these people were everywhere this year, and we mostly liked it.


2018 Was the Year of Wholesome Viewing

In an uncertain world, it was shows full of warmth that caught (and held) our attention.


What Inmates Are Saying About Trump Possibly Going to Prison

"There would have to be some kind of protective custody situation."


The Seven Wildest Scandals and Scams of 2018 That Don't Involve Trump

They exist, and they are kind of spectacular.


The Best Thing on TV This Year Was: 'Survivor: David vs. Goliath'

The long-running reality competition series has still got it, and 'Breadth-First Search' proves its not ready for elimination.


The Best Thing on TV This Year Was: 'Westworld'

Season 2's 'Riddle of the Sphinx' pulled HBO's lagging sci-fi drama together, and gave us pure hell.


The Best Thing on TV This Year Was: 'The Americans'

The series finale of this smart show about undercover Russian spies in the 1980s surpassed all expectations.


The Best Podcasts of 2018

Refresh your appointment listening with our picks for the best audio shows of the year.


The Movies That Ruined Us in 2018

We cried, we cried, and we cried some more.


The Best Thing on TV This Year Was: 'The Good Place'

The philosophical comedy’s 35th episode reminds us that happiness is written between the lines.