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Canadian Government Tables Bill to Expedite Weed Possession Pardons

The government plans to waive the fee and waiting period required to receive a pardon.


Canada’s New Weed Minister Is a Cop

Bill Blair, former Toronto police chief, is now officially in charge of cannabis legalization.


A look back at the epic feud between Bill Blair and Doug Ford

They pair will have to interact again, now that Blair has been appointed the new federal point man on border security.


Toronto's former police chief Bill Blair is now in charge of Canada’s border security

Bill Blair’s new job will be to tackle “irregular migration” along the U.S.-Canada border.


Granting mass pardons for weed possession won’t be easy

The Liberals are under pressure to pardon Canadians with criminal records for weed possession by the time it’s legalized in October.


Liberal Pot Czar Bill Blair Implies Weed Possession Convictions Are Bullshit

But Justin Trudeau’s government has yet to take any steps to expunge criminals records.


Five Things We Learned Interviewing Justin Trudeau About Weed

The prime minister really wants you to think of the children.


Thousands of Canadians were prosecuted for pot possession last year

New numbers reveal the extent to which the government is taking Canadians to court for simple possession of marijuana, even as they moved to legalize the drug


We Asked Teens If It’s Really Easier to Get Weed Than Booze

And if they really get their weed from a “gangster in a stairwell.”


The Liberals Are Sending Former Police Chief Bill Blair on a National Weed Tour

Here’s your chance to tell the government what legalization should look like.


Justin Trudeau Refuses to Stop Giving Canadians Criminal Records Over Weed

The Liberals shut down a motion from the NDP seeking to decriminalize pot possession.