Bill Walton

Bill Walton

Bill Walton Was in the Original 'Ghostbusters'

You can't really call it a "cameo," but the man sure is in it—albeit the closing credits. But whatever, Bill Walton is in "Ghostbusters"!
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Bill Walton Shouting Out Wu-Tang's Raekwon During Asheville-USC Game Is Gold

"Thank you Raekwon for your life, which has given us OURS."
Liam Daniel Pierce
Bill Walton

Bill Walton Cares Not for a Bomb-Ass Alley Oop, He's Got a Boring Story to Tell

A devastating alley-oop during the UCLA-USC game inspires Bill Walton to spin a nonsensical yarn about a real-estate mogul.
Patrick Sauer

Extremely Patriotic Bill Walton Argues in Favor of Weed On ESPN's National Championship Coverage

Bill Walton is dressed as Uncle Sam for some reason but is also making sense about marijuana. Jay Bilas looks scandalized.
Kevin Trahan
Bill Walton

Will Hawaiian Airlines Please Return Bill Walton's Bike?

An airline lost Bill Walton's bike and he really needs it back.
Patrick Sauer
weak in review

There Was Nothing Quite Like Watching Elton Brand Work: David Roth's Weak In Review

It wasn't just the brilliant work that Elton Brand did in a series of mostly hopeless situations that made him great. It was how he did that work.
David Roth
reel talk

Are NCAA Finals Highlights Better Than Animal-on-Treadmill Videos? A Corbin Smith Investigation And Bracket

Evidence includes highlight footage of Bill Walton, last year's Duke game, and an internet cat. March Madness, indeed.
Corbin Smith
college basketball

Cal Basketball Is Hitting Its Stride At Just The Right Time

A young and talented Cal team has grown under coach Cuonzo Martin's tutelage this season, and is surging just in time for a potential deep run in March.
Michael Weinreb

Bill Walton Commandeers a Glockenspiel, Mistakes a Bear for a Beaver

Bill Walton demands your attention. Also, there is a basketball game on.
Liam Daniel Pierce

NBA Throwback: Larry Bird's Left-Handed Love Letter to Portland

On Valentine's Day in 1986, Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird dropped a 47-point triple-double on the Portland Trailblazers while mostly shooting with his left hand. Because why not?
David Tanklefsky
vice sports q&a

Vice Sports Q&A: Bill Walton

The inimitable television analyst and basketball legend talks UCLA, injuries, John Wooden, broadcasting, overcoming a severe stutter and debilitating back pain, and his son Luke coaching the Golden State Warriors.
Larry Burnett
college basketball

Some Delightful Hippie Named Bill Walton Rubbed Dirt on Himself on Live TV

It was psychedelic, man. Bill Walton and dirt. What's not to like?
Liam Daniel Pierce