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Documenting 25 Years of Cuba's Overlooked Optimism

Starting with a trip to find long-lost relatives in the late 80s, photographer Manuello Paganelli has visited Cuba dozens of times, documenting a vibrant, optimistic side of the nation's culture.
Manuello Paganelli
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An Exclusive Preview of Yale Photography's Open Studios

This weekend, the Yale School of Art will hold its annual open studios event.
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The Majestic Fishermen of Ghana

Romanian photographer Tudor Vintiloiu spent some time documenting the tight knit fishing community of a country burdened with a history of exploitation and slavery.
Mihai Popescu

Capturing the World of Male Burlesque Means Learning to Walk in Thigh-High Boots

Oliver Atwell

Jeannette Montgomery Barron Captured the Energy of New York's 80s Art Scene

"You always romanticize the past, but New York really was a place you could live and work as an artist. That's all changed now."
Russell Dean Stone

Scott Stapp Is Broke and Living in a Hotel

In an unsettling video posted to Facebook, the former lead singer of Creed confessed that he doesn't have enough money to feed himself and described a vast conspiracy against him.
Mike Pearl

The No-Holds-Barred Georgian Folk Sport That Looks Like a Brawl

Lelo—a sport beloved in Georgia's southwestern villages—combines elements of wrestling and rugby and can result in trampled trees and broken bones.
Jordi Perdigó and Cristina Aldehuela
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How Photographer David Hurn Captures Sublime Moments in Mundane Life

"I once wrote something: 'Life, as it unfolds in front of the camera, is full of such complexity, such wonder, such surprise, that I find it unnecessary to create new realities.' Now, that’s rather pompous. But what I meant is it’s more pleasure for me...
Bruno Bayley