black history


The Rebirth of Vancouver’s Historically Black Neighbourhood

A low-income housing project named after Jimi Hendrix’s grandmother opening soon marks the slow but steady renewal of Hogan’s Alley.


The Amazing Vintage Shop That Celebrates Black History Every Day

BLK MKT Vintage co-founders Jannah Handy and Kiyanna Stewart are decolonizing vintage shopping one antique at a time.


Blacks Were Enslaved Well into the 1960s

More than 100 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, there were black people in the Deep South who had no idea they were free. These people were forced to work, violently tortured, and raped.


I Died, Met God, and Came Back as a Roots Healer

The first-person story of Bishop Dickerson, one of the last roots workers in Mississippi.


That Time White People Burned and Pillaged a Black Community on Election Day

The 1920 massacre in Ocoee, Florida involved whites lynching, castrating, and removing hundreds of blacks from their land in retaliation for them trying to exercise their right to vote.


Growing Up as a Black Kid in Nazi Germany

Remembering the life of Hans J. Massaquoi, who managed to survive under Hitler's xenophobic regime.


Messing Up History with 'Jamel the Time Traveling B-Boy'

We interviewed creator and artist Jayson Musson about the show and he answered entirely in images.


Black to the Future: Electronic Music's Sci-Fi Roots

"Science fiction is for the marginalized. It's a place for criticism of established norms."


Miley Cyrus Needs to Take an African American Studies Class

Miley Cyrus's latest video feels like a blatant example of gross cultural appropriation, akin to the Pat Boones and Elvises of yesteryear. I talked to Ohio University's Professor Akil Houston about all the ways Cyrus's idea of "blackness" was...