An Overdue Conversation on Why African-Canadians Are Often Forgotten In Toronto's Music Narrative

"The identity of black people became a lot more of 'oh you must be from the islands' because of the influx of black people that came around the seventies" - Brooke Blackburn


Game Changers: Blackburn Rovers and Jack Walker’s Millions

In 1995, Blackburn Rovers were crowned Premier League champions. That success was financed by industrialist owner Jack Walker, who was in many ways the last of his kind.


This Man-Eating Fish Halftime Show Was Simply Spectacular

Some kind of fish mascot creature—confoundingly wearing a Chicago Bulls "Mackerel Jordan" jersey—straight up devoured a man and spat him out.


Charlton Season Ticket Holders of Up To 50 Years Explain Why They Won’t Be Renewing

If you want to understand the appalling cost of bad ownership in football, then look no further.


UK Man Does Five Lines of Cocaine, Has a 40-Minute Wank In a Beer Garden, Is Arrested

"His partner finds his behavior difficult to explain," said the man's lawyer.