Blake Butler


Actually, 'The Great Gatsby' Is Trash

Contrary to popular belief, the book isn't so great or novel, although it sure is American.


This Bike Poet Delivers Dreams to Your Doorstep

For $45, Mathias Svalina's Dream Delivery Service will bring you custom-written poems straight from his subconscious.


The 22 Best Books I Read in 2016

These books helped keep my brain sane amid a year of near-complete fuckery.


Throwing Confetti in Death's Face with Author Derek McCormack

McCormack wrote his new book, 'The Well-Dressed Wound,' while battling cancer. "The book had to save me, or show me a way that I could be saved," he said.


Three Books Blurring the Borders of Memory and Reality

Lately I've been finding it hard to trust what I read unless it makes an attempt at caving in the borders between the page and the world beyond.


​John Keene’s 'Counternarratives’ Rewires History with Imagination

We spoke to the author about his vividly imagined and vitally timed collection, 'Counternarratives.'


‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever’ Is the End of an Era, but Its Creators Didn't Want it to End

We spoke to creators Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro about our favorite surrealist anarchic animated show starring a meatball, a milkshake, and a box of fries.


Three Short, Savage Books You Have to Read

McGlue, The Dig, and Love Hotel are three feverish novels where the only things that seem for certain are fear and death.


Underappreciated Masterpieces: Mary Robison's 'Why Did I Ever' (2001)

Writer Blake Butler's ongoing excavation into lesser-known literary masterpieces continues with this glorious novel-in-parts.


Ubu Publishes the Unpublishable

Writer Blake Butler's guide to some of the most gloriously and perversely unpublishable texts you can read for free online at UbuWeb.


This Novel Is Made Entirely of Terrifying GIFs

Dennis Cooper's Zac's Haunted House is a free digital novel composed entirely of animated GIFs. The novel appropriates an experience somewhere between carnival mirror labyrinth, deleted Disney snuff film, and a deep web comic strip by Satan.


​Food Is a Private Hell, Love Is a Private Hell

Sarah Gerard's debut novel weaves a familiar range of personal terror in a vibrant, addictive display of prose. More than just a relentless confession amidst the narrator's sprawl into emotive depths, Gerard enacts a nearly Kathy Acker-esque intensity...