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The Best Samples You Hate

Sometimes there is a song with samples that if you think too hard about them your brain will explode.


Dendritic Arbor and Infinite Waste Team Up to Grind Your Guts with a Short, Savage New Split

Stream the noise-laden new split release from Pittsburgh's Dendritic Arbor and Oakland's Infinite Waste.


Why Has It Taken This Long for Someone to Publish ‘Shit People at Gigs’?

Sick of dealing with shitty and inconsiderate people at music gigs, this illustrator decided to publish a zine about them.


Montreal! Come Party With Us and Foxtrott at JanSport's Bonfire Sessions

Would you turn down something this free and great? No, you wouldn't.


Miguel Writes New Song in Support of Black Lives Matter: "How Many Heartbeats Turn into Flat Lines"

Miguel says he will update the track every week until it is finished.


Hallelujah, Lil B Has Lifted the BasedGod's Curse on Kevin Durant

World peace is now obtainable. Thank you, BasedGod.


Frank Ocean Teases Release Date for New Record 'Boys Don't Cry'

Is it finally time, or is it another ruse?


Reports: Prince Died of an Opioid Overdose

It brings to an end weeks of speculation on the artist's cause of death.


The Duality of Mane: An Appreciation of Gucci Mane's Romantic Side

While I’m sure Gucci Mane relishes the level of intimidation he’s capable of, I’d argue that Gucci loves romance even more.