Blonde Redhead


The Defiant Sound of Asian American Women in Indie Rock

Artists like Jay Som, Japanese Breakfast, and Mitski are at the forefront of indie rock, creating space for Asian American women.


A Glimpse Into Blonde Redhead's World - Here's the Video for "Defeatist Anthem!"

The NYC trio remain mysterious and magical, 20 plus years in the game.


Premiere: Blonde Redhead "Dripping"

The finest cut from their latest album gets some suitably slinky visuals.


Going Underground: Denver’s Indie Music Festival Wrestles with Corporate Ties

When you call your event an “Underground Music Showcase”—the title of Denver’s 14-year-old local music festival—are you obligated to adhere to all the weird rules and intricate politics of indie culture, no matter how big you get?


Blonde Redhead's "Dripping" Is Perfect for Swimming Through Summer

Stream the second single from their upcoming record "Barragán."