Remembering Things

How Nirvana's Success Prompted Blur to Kick off the Britpop Explosion

America's grunge explosion took over the world 25 years ago, and Blur knew they had to do something different on 1993's 'Modern Life Is Rubbish.'
Cam Lindsay
Remembering Things

The 'Cruel Intentions' Soundtrack Captured the Dark Heart of Adolescence

How a cobbled together selection of radio hits for a 90s film about borderline incestuous sociopaths still has the power to make us feel sentimental.
Alaister Moughan
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Unsurprisingly, Liam Gallagher Had Some Thoughts on Noel Performing with Gorillaz

Specifically: "fucking hell bruv you have seriously lost the plot".
Lauren O'Neill
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Liam Gallagher Wages Another War on Noel and "That Gobshite Out of Blur," Obviously

It was only a matter of time, really.
Lauren O'Neill
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Woo-hoo! 20 Years Ago, Blur's 'Song 2' Became an Unlikely Sports Anthem

'Song 2' went from an afterthought to a smash stadium hit thanks to good timing, and a great chorus.
Rick Paulas
Holy Shit

Gorillaz Perform New Album 'Humanz' in Its Entirety, Bring out Noel Gallagher, Danny Brown

Chunks of the short-notice London show were streamed on Gorillaz’s official Facebook page.
Alex Robert Ross
Remembering Things

How Blur's 'Blur' Brought Them Back from the Brink

Burnt out by Britpop and a failure to break America, 20 years ago Blur were disintegrating, but somehow they wrote their biggest song, and one of the best LPs of their career.
Kevin EG Perry

PREMIERE: Listen to Blu & Nottz's Mythically Dope 'Titans in the Flesh'

The trusted collaborators return for the follow-up to 'Gods in the Spirit' with wordplay and beats that will twist your brain in circles.
Kyle Kramer

Fuck 'Trainspotting!' 'Batman Forever' Was the Soundtrack That Truly Epitomized the Nineties

My nineties wasn't Iggy Pop, Primal Scream and Joy Division. It was The Offspring, rap music, and the unquestionable sensuality of Seal.
J.R. Moores

The Noisey Editors’ Best and Worst of 2015: Kim Taylor Bennett

From the best sex record to the article she shed the most tears while writing, editor Kim Taylor Bennett compiles her totally random round up of 2015.
Kim Taylor Bennett
Rank Your Records

Rank Your Records: Drummer Dave Rowntree Rates Blur’s Discography

Almost 30 years since their inception and Blur are still one of Britain's best bands. Don't argue with us on this one. Thanks.
Kim Taylor Bennett

We Spoke to the Director of the New Blur Documentary 'New World Towers'

Director Sam Wrench highlights the perks and quirks of trailing the reunited Britpop legends as they launched their excellent comeback album 'The Magic Whip.'
Derek Scancarelli