Bob Marley


The Guide to Getting into Bob Marley

We’re going to go beyond the posters, beyond the weed smoke, beyond 'Legend.'

Pitbull Will Live Forever

Mr. Worldwide may seem like a kitschy party guy, but on his new album 'Climate Change,' he has a revolutionary agenda to make culture a bit more Miami.
Mitchell Sunderland
Noisey News

Water-Damaged Bob Marley Recordings That Were Thought Lost Have Been Restored

The tapes were recovered from a West London hotel cellar.
Lawrence Burney
Deep Ass Questions

Do You Want to Make Friends with Dogs? Play Reggae

Science has proven this correct, don't argue with science.
Phil Witmer
the worst things of all time

Who Thought Adding Blackface to a Bob Marley Snapchat Filter Would End Well?

This certainly qualifies as 2016's worst pothead move.
Daisy Jones
thump news

Legendary Reggae Label Studio One Launches Reissue Series with The Wailers’ Debut Album

Yep Roc to repress classics from Clement “Coxsone” Dodd’s seminal imprint.
Benjamin Boles

Legendary Photographer Dennis Morris on Bob Marley, Johnny Rotten, and Getting Shot

We sat down with the man who signed the Slits, was in Britain's first black punk band, and took the most famous photograph of Bob Marley in the world.
Gavin Haynes

Jamaica, Gangs, Guns, and Black Hobbits: A Talk with Booker Prize Winner Marlon James

Filmmaker Storm Saulter talks with the author about his new book 'A Brief History of Seven Killings,' which adapts true stores of the island's underworld.
Storm Saulter
Baby Teeth

Two Teenagers Meet the Loneliest Drug Dealer in the World in This Week's 'Baby Teeth' Comic

In this episode of Tyler Boss's comic Baby Teeth, two young teenagers encounter what might be the loneliest drug dealer in the world on their quest to buy some weed.
Tyler Boss
crate expectations

Crate Expectations: Richy Ahmed

At least someone likes the new Eddie Murphy track.
Richy Ahmed
crate expectations

Crate Expectations: Chaim

A track from The Silence of the Lambs to kick off a party's end. Interesting.
THUMP Canada Staff
the worst things of all time

Please Stop Using Bob Marley’s Face to Sell Terrible Merchandise

He’s a legend—you’re just a street-trader with a sub-par product.
Ryan Bassil