Boeing Just Admitted It Knew About an Issue with the 737 Max for a Year

Only 20% of 737 Max planes were equipped with a key sensor that could have warned pilots.


US airlines still don't have flight simulators for Boeing 737 Max 8 pilot training

The EU and many other countries grounded the aircraft by Tuesday after the second crash in six months.


Canada will buy used Australian fighter jets amid trade dispute with Boeing

The government will spend $500 million for 18 second hand planes


Buoyed by Trump, experts say more U.S. companies are filing trade complaints against Canadian competitors

“America First” could have a negative impact on Canada’s economy


Bombardier’s C Series jets slapped with 220% tax, making them virtually unsellable

Trump administration capitulates to pressure from Boeing


Don’t sue Bombardier if you want to sell us fighter jets, Trudeau tells U.S. firm

Justin Trudeau says Boeing “is trying very hard to put thousands of Canadian aerospace workers out of work.”


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Conservatives lose majority in UK election stunner, GOP backs Trump after Comey hearing, at least 30 killed in Iraq suicide bombing, and more.


Boeing Wants to Make Pilotless Airplanes a Reality

The aircraft company is looking to test out self-flying technology on a jet as early as 2018.


Why Bombardier is facing the wrath of Canadians

Why the manufacturing behemoth is coming up against a very angry Canadian public


Canada can’t make up its mind on buying F-35s

Canada is moving to restart a competition to buy a new fleet of fighter jets. A process that will take five years.