Boogie Nights

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Burt Reynolds, Hollywood's Iconic Smirking Badass, Has Died

The 82-year-old actor suffered a fatal heart attack in Florida on Thursday.
River Donaghey

Here Are the Best Movies About Hollywood on Netflix

Here’s how to spend a few hours before the Oscars this weekend.
Noel Ransome
Movies of 1997

How 1997's Best Films Upended Perceptions of Sex and Masculinity

'Boogie Nights and 'Happy Together' broke boundaries as they blew minds.
Jason Bailey

How an 'Inherent Vice' Pot Party Bus Dealt with Denver's Restrictive Public Weed Consumption Laws

While adult use of recreational marijuana may be legal in Denver, public consumption of it isn't. That means that any weed-related event that hints at being open to the public, like Paul Thomas Anderson's Hazy Bus Tour, is pretty much asking for...
Joel Warner

Paul Thomas Anderson on 'Inherent Vice,' Kubrick, and Hangovers

"I think it's good to think of the film as, like, that moment when you wake up in the morning and you've been drinking the night before."
Amelia Abraham
My Favourite Book

Paul Thomas Anderson on Why He Made 'Inherent Vice'

"Any time a new book of Pynchon's has come out—at least since I've been around—it's like I hang the 'do not disturb' sign on the door and don't come out until it's done."
Paul Thomas Anderson

This Burt Reynolds Auction Is Super Depressing

<i>Smokey and the Bandit</i> star Burt Reynolds is auctioning off his stuff to help pay some old bills. So far, the items aren't fetching much interest.
Dave Schilling

'Inherent Vice' and the Complicated Protagonists of Paul Thomas Anderson

Paul Thomas Anderson is not afraid to get weird. His latest effort happens to get weird in the sense that it seems to deliver a contact high as you're watching it.
Chris McEwen