Tired of Smuggling Humans Over the Border, Mexican Cartels Are Refocusing on Drugs

This does not bode well for overdoses in the U.S.


Exclusive: The U.S. used suspect evidence to push young Bangladeshi migrants into adult detention

Immigration agencies moved dozens of people from children's facilities, sometimes using weak evidence, a VICE News investigation has found.


Smuggler’s Inn Owner Charged With, Uh, Smuggling

The owner and manager of a bed and breakfast on the Canadian-American border is facing charges relating to smuggling people into Canada.


I Was Pulled Off a Bus and Humiliated by US Border Patrol

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Gamblers Made $270,000 Betting That Trump Would Lie a Bunch in His Address

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Here's What Would Happen if Trump Declared a National Emergency to Build a Wall

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The political implications of reviving Canada’s border reality show

Border Security: Canada's Front Line was cancelled for infringing on the privacy rights of a migrant crossing the border.


Asylum seekers could be detained in Mexico for years under new immigration policy, DHS secretary says

One Democrat called the new policy a "gross violation of international law and of United States law."


Everything we know about the 7-year-old girl who died in Border Patrol custody

Twenty-four hours after she and her father turned themselves in at the border, the girl was dead.


Canada’s New Weed Minister Is a Cop

Bill Blair, former Toronto police chief, is now officially in charge of cannabis legalization.


The Border Crisis Is Wreaking Havoc on the Lives of Cross-Border Students

Students who live in Tijuana and go to school in California have to navigate the migrant caravan and a heavy military presence at the San Ysidro border every day.


Signs Are Going Up Reminding You Not to Bring Your Weed into the United States

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