How Canadians Can Respond to Milwaukee’s Drake Ban

After a radio station banned the Toronto Raptors fan, there’s only one thing patriotic Canadians can do: retaliate.
VICE Canada
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How to Protest Trump When You're Disabled

Those of us who find it physically difficult or impossible to march can show solidarity and take action in other ways.
Aleks Kang

How Police Unions Are Using Protests, Boycotts, and Shady Tactics to Fight Reform

As the national debate over law enforcement tactics heats up, cops aren't hesitating to decry what they see as an assault on their rights.
Ray Downs

This Guy Wants You to Boycott 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Because He Doesn't Like Feminism

Aaron Clarey runs a blog called Captain Capitalism, and doesn't want his action movies to "contain some damn political lecture or moray about feminism, SJW-ing, and socialism."
Drew Millard
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A Brief History of Musicians Boycotting Places

Wilco are refusing to play Indiana. But they're not the first act to invoke the power of the boycott.
Mike Campbell

Wait, Why Hasn't NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Been Fired Yet?

On his watch, perception of the organization has gone from "bunch of guys with pink faces" to "hive of supervillainy." It's not that the NFL was ever a haven of good ethics; it just seems like he would have been scapegoated by now.
Josh Androsky

London's Pro-Palestine Demonstrators Spent Saturday Shouting at Stores

After another big protest for Gaza, people ran around Oxford Street demanding to boycott Israel. Despite the direct action, we didn't see any police bludgeonings or broken windows.
Oscar Webb

Cry-Baby of the Week

This week: A woman called the police because there weren't enough sprinkles on her ice cream.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

Seals Are Delicious, So Let's Kill and Eat Them

We talked to a Canadian chef who serves fresh seal meat about why seal hunting gets such a bad rap, how he likes his seal cooked, and what food industry practices we should actually be protesting.
Ivy Knight