• Pettis versus Alvarez: Taekwondo and Level Changes

    Anthony Pettis versus Eddie Alvarez was a dream match for most fans a few years ago, but both have taken a knock in recent losses. With both on the rebound we break down this fascinating match up of top tier lightweight strikers.

  • Robbie Lawler versus Carlos Condit: The Minefield of Judging a Fight

    Carlos Condit seemed to have done more than enough to take the welterweight title but when the scores came in he still had no belt. We take a look at the best moments from the fight and ruminate on the judging criteria in MMA.

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  • How Conor McGregor Killed the King

    After a year of agonizing anticipation, Conor McGregor was able to knock out UFC champion, Jose Aldo in just thirteen seconds. We take a look at the tactics and techniques on display at UFC 194.

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    What will we do with ourselves afterwards, in a world without Aldo-McGregor?

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