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Performing abortions in Alabama could soon be punishable by up to 99 years in prison

The Alabama House is voting on a bill that would make almost all abortions illegal.
Carter Sherman
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How Men in Prison Reacted to Brett Kavanaugh's Confirmation

"The hypocrisy in this country, and in our leaders, is astounding."
Seth Ferranti
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Dozens of Brooklyn 'Antifa Witches' Are Planning to Put a 'Hex' on Kavanaugh

Armed with coffin nails, effigies, and dirt from a graveyard, they'll be casting a spell "all about causing suffering"—just in time for Halloween!
Drew Schwartz

Here’s what Planned Parenthood plans to do about Kavanaugh

The organization wants to build an “ironclad” network of states with bolstered resources to compensate for the areas in the U.S. where women have limited options.
Alexa Liautaud

For Politics to Get Less Tribal, the Republicans Have to Lose

Norm Ornstein, America's preeminent scholar of partisanship, doesn't see an easy path forward.
Eve Peyser
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We're Watching the Slow Poisoning of the Supreme Court

Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation was unusually contentious and bitter, but it wasn't an aberration.
Harry Cheadle
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Senate confirms Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court

The 50 to 48 vote ends an emotional debate over Kavanaugh, who was accused of sexual assault in the 1980s.
Emma Ockerman
Brett Kavanaugh

Listen to voicemails from women about what they wish Brett Kavanaugh had said

"I would have believed him if..."
Rex Santus
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It looks like Brett Kavanaugh is going to become a Supreme Court justice

Two key votes, Republican Sen. Susan Collins and Democrat Joe Manchin, both announced Friday they'd be voting "yes" on Kavanaugh's confirmation.
Emma Ockerman

How I Quit Drinking in a World That Wants Me Drunk

We're taught from an early age that drinking is cool and glamorous. We have to learn for ourselves that it's not.
Eve Peyser
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Everything we know about what's in the FBI's Kavanaugh report — and what isn't

Nine interviews, but not Kavanaugh or Ford.
Carter Sherman

A Peek Inside the Secret, Sick Rituals of America's Frats

Just in time for the likely confirmation of a frat guy accused of sexual violence to the Supreme Court, a look at the underbelly of the world many powerful men pass through.
Alex Norcia