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Watch the xx's Gentle New Video for "Brave for You (Marfa Demo)"

The band shot the footage while recording 'I See You' in Marfa, TX.
Alex Robert Ross
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Brits Don’t Want You to Come Any Closer Than Three Feet

You must never enter our personal space.
VICE Staff

Confronting the UK's Everyday Extremism

On the season finale of our VICELAND series 'HATE THY NEIGHBOR,' host Jamali Maddix heads home to talk to Brits about their biggest fears for the future of the country.
VICE Staff

Why Do British People Love 'Friends' So Much?

Twelve years after it initially went off the air, the sitcom is still beloved in the UK. But what does this say about the British social—and political—climate?
Larry Fitzmaurice

Brits Explain Why They're Obsessed with the Queen

It was the Queen's birthday yesterday, so we went to meet the people who'd gathered in Windsor to wave the British flag around and wish her a happy 90th.
Chris Bethell, Photo Assistant: Theo McInnes

How to Be Caitlin Moran

The controversial British feminist is a controversial British feminist.
Lauren Oyler

How to Be Caitlin Moran

The controversial British feminist's career is founded on great material, but it's still material. She writes and performs an amount that, to me, remains unfathomable-indeed. Even much of this interview feels like a performance.
Lauren Oyler

An Angry British Virgin Was Found Guilty of Attempted Murder After Stabbing Three Women

All of his victims survived, making it easy for cops to nab the "Tomb Raider" fan.
Allie Conti

A Pessimist's Guide to British Prime Minister David Cameron's Big Speech

A man who's spent his term in government enacting policies that have hurt the poor, young, and vulnerable is now patting all of those people on the head and going, “Just kidding, mate.”
Simon Childs

We Got Some Strangers Who Aren't Models to Undress Each Other

Last week, an arty video of polite people taking each other's clothes off got tens of millions of views. It didn't go quite as nuts as the one where people kiss, but we thought it'd be fun to make our own version of it anyway.
Jamie Clifton

On Patrol with North London's Orthodox Jewish Crime Fighters

Shomrim (Hebrew for "guards") is on call 24 hours a day. Every day it gets 11 to 15 calls, but more just after the sabbath, when there's a backlog due to people reporting incidents they had witnessed the previous day when they couldn't use the phone.
Tabby Kinder

Our E-Cigarettes Are Going to Melt Our Faces and Burn Our Houses Down

Long term studies on the health effects of vaping haven't been completed, and you know what else hasn't been studied? Whether they've been programmed by Al Qaeda to explode all over our old people.
Mike Pearl