Korean Sportscaster Doesn't Seem to Mind the Blood Flowing Out of His Nose

SpoTV sportscaster Jo Hyun-il's barely flinched when his nosebleed reached well past his mouth, but his cohost definitely noticed.
Liam Daniel Pierce

How Radio Changed Baseball Fandom Forever

From Vin Scully to MLB At Bat, the rise of commercial radio continues to influence the way fans experience baseball today.
Mabel Rosenheck

VICE Sports Q&A: ESPN Sunday Night Baseball Analyst Jessica Mendoza

Jessica Mendoza opens up on life in the Sunday Night Baseball booth, the challenges of working in sports media as a woman, and broadening the baseball fanbase.
Larry Burnett

VICE Sports Q&A: Chris Webber on Broadcasting, Amateurism, and That Timeout

Chris Webber tells us how he has successfully transitioned from being a star NBA player into the thinking fan's announcer. And, yes, he does talk about that famous timeout against North Carolina, too.
Patrick Sauer

VICE Sports Q&A: Vin Scully

Vin Scully is entering his 67th and final year with the Dodgers. He reflects on his career, talks shop, and even contemplates what retirement will be like.
Larry Burnett

I Went to the Debut of the World's First Atheist TV Channel

A group called American Atheists is bankrolling a fledgling streaming TV channel called Atheist TV which intends to cater to what they refer to as the fastest growing religious group in America. The only problem is, they don't even know what to...
Dave Schilling
Gavin Haynes Sleepless Nights

Noel Edmonds Actually Wants to Buy the BBC

The English broadcaster and executive declared it to the world on Newsnight last night.
Gavin Haynes

Ex-Workers Have Hijacked Greece's Former Public Broadcaster

Last Saturday night, some 20,000 people marched from the Polytechnic to the city's US embassy to both commemorate the students' battle against the CIA-backed junta of the 70s and to link it to today's struggles against austerity and state oppression.
Matthaios Tsimitakis, Photos: Eleni Iliopoulou

After Five Months of Occupation, Greek Riot Police Finally Shut Down the ERT

Back in June, the Greek government tried and failed to shut down ERT, the country’s equivalent of the BBC.The staff managed to hold on to the building for an incredible five months, until riot police entered the building in a pre-dawn raid on Thursday...
Matthaios Tsimitakis and Yiannis Baboulias, Photos: Vas