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What is US Soccer Even Doing?

Despite big talk of restructuring after an embarrassing summer where USMNT failed to qualify for the World Cup, It's business as usual for US Soccer.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Christian Pulisic Continues Criticism of Youth Development in U.S.

The USMNT and Borussia Dortmund star bashed the pay-for-play model.
Liam Daniel Pierce
No, You Suck

You're the Reason Why the USMNT Suck

Take a look in the mirror, hater.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Soccer Nation

The USA's Failure To Qualify for the World Cup Was a Long Time Coming

It took a miraculous confluence of events for the U.S. Men's National Team to fail to qualify for the 2018 World Cup. But it was not a fluke.
Liam Daniel Pierce
bruce arena

A Brief History of the United States Thinking It's on The Brink of Winning the World Cup

Bruce Arena thinks 2026 will be when we "start talking about winning a World Cup." U.S. Soccer has been talking about winning a World Cup since 1998.
Aaron Gordon

This Video of All Pulisic's Touches vs. Honduras Shows You Exactly Why He's Not Donovan

While it's not quite apples and oranges, it feels like the USMNT is looking at a brand new species of orange here.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Landon Donovan Stage Dives off a Food Truck and People Aren't Really Ready

This isn't a cliff jump in Cambodia, Landon.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Should MLS Be Primarily Marketing USMNT Players? Chips Soccer Podcast Episode 12

Guardian U.S. contributor Luis Miguel Echegaray joins Aaron Gordon to discuss whether it's time for MLS to graduate from primarily marketing USMNT players. What does it looks like in practice to market to Latino millennials?
VICE Sports

USMNT Captain Michael Bradley Speaks Out Against Muslim Ban

It's reaffirming to hear—both from a representative of the US and a representative of the US national team—that it doesn't always have to be us vs. them.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Bobby Wood Rockets In A Beautiful Shot From Distance

It was one of those beautifully struck balls that lifts both feet off the ground in a balletic twist.
Liam Daniel Pierce

On MLS's Most Star-Studded Team, Brian Rowe Is the Last Line of Defense

For most of his career, Brian Rowe was an obscure backup on some star-studded LA Galaxy teams. Now he's their No. 1 goalkeeper as the team seeks to win a sixth MLS Cup.
Kevin Koczwara

No One Knows If Stu Holden Is Still A Professional Soccer Player, Including Stu Holden

Former EPL breakout star and U.S. National Team fan favorite Stu Holden has his post-soccer future lined up. But after injuries and bad luck derailed his promising career, is he really ready to move on?
Leander Schaerlaeckens