How Mayor Giuliani Decimated New York City Nightlife

As mayor of NYC from 1994 through 2001, Rudy Giuliani demonized nightlife as our city's bastard child in order to make things safe for tourists and co-op owners.


Meet the Drag Ballerina Who Entertained Troops in Iraq

In 2005, cabaret performer Iestyn Edwards auditioned for what he thought would be a good gig singing for officers in London. Instead, he ended up taking his drag ballerina act to Camp Bastion.


Stalkers, S&M, and the Secret Cabaret: Inside London's 'House of Magic'

Simon Drake shunned TV to convert a crack pipe-ridden pub into the UK's answer to The Magic Castle.


Seedy, Stunning NSFW Photos from 1970s Paris Strip Clubs

Photographs from the old Parisian neighborhood of Pigalle, a place of cabarets, strip clubs, brothels, and sex shops.


Warhol Superstar and Trans Pioneer Holly Woodlawn Remains Unstoppable, Despite Cancer

Despite battling a serious illness, the Holly from Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side" is in good spirits.


Glitter Beards, Cleavage, and Gender Fucking: A Day with London's Female Drag Queens

"Who the fuck says drag is owned by men?... We're post-gendered drag. It's not important to me what someone's birth or perceived gender is—it's gender illusion and performance."


Christopher and His Twink

When Don Bachardy was 18, he started dating Christopher Isherwood, a middle-aged novelist.