The September Stories Issue

Nearly Two-Thirds of Egyptians Don't Use Formal Bank Accounts

Here's what many of them do instead.
Wael Fathi

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump eyes climate change skeptic Ryan Zinke as interior secretary, despair in Aleppo as ceasefire and evacuation plans fall apart, scientists say 2016 marks "unprecedented" warming in the Arctic, and more.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Feds Accused of Profiling Muslim Americans in Pre-Election Terrorism Probe

Muslims from eight states said they were interviewed by the FBI about possible connections to al Qaeda in response to unconfirmed terror threats in the lead-up to Election Day.
Lauren Messman
thump news

Stream Mumdance's Latest Rinse FM Show, Featuring Egyptian Mahraganat Legend Islam Chipsy

The show also features an interview with Mahmoud Refat of 100 copies about the contemporary mahraganat scene in Cairo.
Alexander Iadarola

Someone Mailed Mysterious White Powder to a Muslim Advocacy Group

The suspicious mailing to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) indicates just how aggressively Islamophobia is spreading in America and around the world.
Brian McManus

What We Can Learn from the Middle East's Mid-Century 'Golden Age'

Many of my family and friends look back on the region's cultural glory days of the 50s and 60s with longing—but that era also contained the seeds of terror, war, and sectarianism.
Sulome Anderson

Ottawa’s Refusal to Give Journalist Mohamed Fahmy a Passport Means More Problems than Just Travel

According to Fahmy's Canadian lawyer, "Canada has imposed a condition that the Egyptian authorities themselves haven't imposed."
Chalaine Chang

​Is Egypt’s Proposed $45 Billion Custom-Built Mega City Realistic or Completely Insane?

They want it to house five million people, have a green space twice the size of Central Park, an amusement park four times the size of Disneyland, and an airport as big as Heathrow. Oh, and they'd like it to be finished in seven years, please.
Mark Hay
The Off the Deep End Issue

Egypt Is in Dire Need of Sex Education

How do people—especially women—learn about sex in a country where sex is taboo?
Angelina Fanous

Instead of Freedom, Canadian Mohamed Fahmy Faces a Retrial in Egypt

The family of Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy says Stephen Harper "failed us miserably" as Fahmy's imprisonment in Egypt drags on.
Aaron Mate

Amid ISIS and Ukraine Crises, Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Just Quit

Some are speculating it's because of a rift between Baird and the prime minister himself.
Justin Ling

Canada's Government Is Getting Cozy with Egypt's Increasingly Repressive Regime

Ottawa has stepped up its support for the Egyptian military regime by openly endorsing a crackdown on political opponents and increasing security ties to the forces carrying it out.
Aaron Mate