Security Researchers Find Several Bugs in Nest Security Cameras

Cisco Talos researchers report finding eight security vulnerabilities in the Nest Cam IQ that can allow attackers to take over the camera, prevent its use or allow code execution.
Wayne Rash
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Tech Company Says Using Facial Recognition Technology in Bars Isn't Creepy at All

DataSparQ also hopes to roll out a feature called 'FaceTab,' which would recognize patrons and automatically add drinks to their existing tab.
Jelisa Castrodale
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Five Questions for the Guy Who Licked a Stranger’s Doorbell for Three Hours

Why the doorbell and not the doorknob? Is it because of taste?
Mack Lamoureux
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Summer Is Over, Clean Your Own Dang Pond

Photos an LA pond scum cleaner took on the job before he called his boss and quit.
Julian Master
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Photos of a Day in the Life of a Real-Life Superhero

For this week's First-Person Shooter, we handed off two cameras to Citizen Saint, a self-described real-life superhero who patrols the streets of Missouri in costume, looking to help fellow citizens who may be in distress.
Julian Master

Alton Sterling's Killing Shows How Important It Is to Film Cops

Without diligent bystanders and their phones, we'd never know about the most heinous police shootings of the past few years.
Harry Cheadle
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Photos of a Clown-Magician Pulling Tricks and Cracking Smiles

In this week's edition of First-Person Shooter we gave two cameras to Henry, a magician and clown who entertained at two birthday parties before showing us some magic tricks he has up his sleeve.
Julian Master
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Photos of What a Burlesque Dancer Sees on a Friday Night

Julian Master
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First-Person Shooter: A Fish-Filled Friday at Diner Restaurant in Brooklyn

For this week's installment of First-Person Shooter, we gave a camera to Jay Wolman, the lead line cook of Brooklyn's Diner and Marlow & Sons restaurants—two local favorites in South Williamsburg.
Julian Master
The Photo Issue 2015

Salad Days

Irina Rozovsky makes photographs of people and places, transforming external landscapes into interior states.
Irina Rozovsky

The Man Who Resurrects Thousands of Rolls of Undeveloped Film

Levi Bettwieser has developed 5,500 rolls of film he found in thrift stores and garage sales and uncovered a lot of other people's personal moments in the process.
Russell Dean Stone

From the Skater's to the Photographer's Eye: An Interview with Randy Blythe of Lamb of God About Photography

“Don’t learn too much.... It has this innocence that might get lost.”
Fred Pessaro