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The Best and Worst Bootleg Campaign Swag of 2016

Capitalism was at work at the Democratic and Republican national conventions this summer.


These Brothers Love Trump So Much They Formed a Rock Band

The band's first single "Trump for America," is a collage of patriotic clichés, including a sample of children reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.


Ted Cruz Coaching His Family Through a Campaign Ad Is Awkward as Hell

A long look into the sad, dark heart of what it takes to shoot the average political campaign ad.


A Look at the Human Suit Malfunctions of the 2016 Election

Sometimes we get a glimpse of our politicians' true human forms.


DeRay McKesson and Other Black Civil Rights Leaders Just Met with Hillary Clinton

The discussion reportedly focused on policing, prisons, and the political rhetoric around race in the United States.


‘I'm Really Rich’: Donald Trump, the American Dream, and the Art of Having No Shame

Fraud, huckster, Nacho Cheese Dorito-dusted goiter wrapped in a full Windsor knot—Donald Trump is many indefensible things. But the motherfucker can make an entrance.


What Every Republican Gets Wrong About Immigration

Amid all the right-wing hysteria over amnesty and border security, the GOP doesn't seem to have noticed that the threat they promise to eliminate isn't much of a threat anymore.


Meet Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton's Secret Weapon

For years, Robby Mook has preferred to pull the strings of Democratic campaigns from behind the scenes. Now, as he prepares to head up Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign, the 35-year-old operative is about to be forced out of the shadow


Super PACs Aren't Bad, They're Just Embarrassing

Super PACs may be a terrifying harbinger of the death of democracy, but at least they're good for a dick joke.