Canada Day


Watch This Bear Live a More Luxurious Life Than You

With hot tubs and margaritas, this bear is living the goddamn life.


Toronto Apologizes for Belly's Canada Day Performance Because Old People

The height of "Can I speak to your manager?"


Canada at War: How Two Decades of Conflict Have Changed a Country

Reminder, the Canadian military is shooting people across the world.


There’s a Canada Worth Celebrating, But We’re Not There Yet

Canada 150 feels like a bust, as it should.


Toronto spending more than $1 million per day on Canada Day weekend celebrations

Canadian taxpayers will be on the hook for over $500 million overall


#Resistance150: Canada Day isn’t a celebration for Indigenous people

"We’re saying you can’t do this to us anymore, your celebration stinks, it’s built on genocide."


Indigenous group erects teepee at Parliament Hill to protest Canada 150

Police arrested and detained nine people Wednesday night as they tried to erect a teepee. It eventually went up.


Weed Will Be Legal By Canada Day 2018

Oh my god, it’s really happening.


We Hazed Our Office’s Resident American for Canada Day

How many Canadian cliches, from BC Bud to poutine to shinny, can one person handle in a day? We found out.


​Canada Day in Newfoundland and Labrador is Also a Day of Mourning

For Newfoundlanders, July 1 is complicated and painful.


I'm a Canadian Who Hates The Outdoors, Stop Shaming Me

Everything good in this world takes place inside.


More Than 100 Forest Fires Made Canada Day Really Shitty in Saskatchewan

There were no Roman Candle duels and the north was without any debauchery thanks to raging wildfires.