Canadian Far Right Extremism

Canadian Anti-Islam Militia Changes Leadership, Starts New Training Program

The leadership of III% Canada is changing, and the new commander wants to nationalize training and bring the group to a level of organization experts say is “unheard of” in Canada.
Mack Lamoureux
2 hours ago

Meet the Metal Band Whose Breakup Went Viral

We met up with Witchrot's remaining members to find out what the ride has been like after their infamous breakup.
VICE Staff
7 hours ago

Body Found in Mexico Believed to Be Missing Quebec Woman

An investigation into Christine St-Onge’s disappearance was sparked when the man she was travelling with returned home alone with no luggage and died by suicide.
Mack Lamoureux
a day ago

The Most Vulnerable Are Bearing the Brunt of PEI's Housing Crisis

Activists say the lack of decent housing is keeping people in abusive relationships.
Jack Hauen
a day ago
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Here’s What Canadians Masturbated to In 2018

Canadian are into Stormy Daniels, BBC (not the broadcaster), ASMR (lol), anime, and Overwatch (nerds).
Mack Lamoureux
2 days ago

Watch Deadpool Defend Canada’s Greatest Band Ever—Nickelback

No, you’re a troll.
Manisha Krishnan
3 days ago

Man Awarded $175,000 After Gang Rape During ‘Scared Straight’ Program

The man, who was 14 at the time, was raped by five prisoners after a guard led him to a private cell during a judge-ordered visit in the 70s.
Mack Lamoureux

Toronto Woman Hospitalized After Eating Dairy at Popular Vegan Restaurant

A kitchen manager at Vegandale, Toronto’s most loved and loathed vegan chain, admits their handling of the situation was “unacceptable.”
Nathan Sing

Metal Band Rises From the Ashes of Relationship Destruction

Meet Witchrot, the Toronto metalheads who went viral for announcing their exceedingly messy “extended hiatus.”
Mack Lamoureux

Meet the Former Cop Behind Canada’s First Indigenous Licensed Cannabis Producer

Lewis Mitchell believes his company can be a force for good for First Nations communities.
Joshua Ostroff

Living On a Canadian Commune Has Made Me Hate the UK

“It’s just work, pub, drugs, work, pub, drugs, and football.”
Manisha Krishnan

Comedians Tell Us About Their Strangest Gigs

Sex clubs, retirement homes, nudist colonies—you name it and Canadian comics have tried performing there.
Audrey Carleton