Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Canada 150

There’s a Canada Worth Celebrating, But We’re Not There Yet

Canada 150 feels like a bust, as it should.
Drew Brown
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Alberta Man Fined for Displaying ‘Fuck Harper’ Sign on Car, Threatens Charter Defence

Insulting the prime minister will cost him $543.
Manisha Krishnan

Canada’s Supreme Court Shoots Down Harper’s Minimum Sentences for Firearm Offences

Another big legal loss for the Harper government's tough-on-crime agenda.
Nick Rose

A Life Sentence in Canada Will Soon Mean an Actual Life Sentence for Nastiest Murderers

Even with the murder rate as low as it's been, the government plans on jailing particularly nasty killers forever.
Justin Ling

CSIS is Refusing to Tell Us How Much It Spent on an Unconstitutional Snooping Campaign

Canada's top spy agency has given VICE a "we can neither confirm nor deny."
Justin Ling

NDP Vows to Fight Anti-Terror Bill as Conservatives Limit Debate

While Thomas Mulcair promises to go to the mat, Justin Trudeau sits on the sidelines.
Justin Ling

Canada’s Supreme Court Has Legalized Assisted Suicide

Until this morning, physician-assisted suicide was a criminal offence in Canada and could result in criminal prosecution for any person who "aids or abets a person to commit suicide."
Nick Rose

The Winnipeg Guitarist Who Let His Mother Die on the Kitchen Floor Was Just Released on Bail

Ron Siwicki says he was respecting his mother's refusal of medical care when he left her on the kitchen floor for five days.
Nick Rose

Canadian Cops Can Now Search Your Phone if You’ve Been Arrested, so Slap a Password on It

Following a Supreme Court ruling, Canadian police can search your phone and computer when they arrest you. Even if you're released without charge or trial.
Christopher Malmo

First Nations Communities Are Suing the Federal Government Over Third World Water Conditions

After facing gruesome problems with their water supply like floating mice in cisterns, four Alberta First Nations have filed a lawsuit against the Canadian government, who they say hasn't fulfilled an obligation to provide quality drinking water to...
Remi L. Roy