How a Twitter Campaign Took Down an 'Ultra-Nationalistic' Music Festival

“It was basically going to be an all encompassing, ultra-nationalist patriot group hoedown.”

Mack Lamoureux

Canada Adds Far-Right Groups to Terror Watch List for First Time

Canada has added far-right groups Blood and Honour and Combat 18 to its terror watch list.

Mack Lamoureux

In the End, a Quebec Far-Right Group’s Biggest Enemy Was Themselves

The crumbling of La Meute shows many far-right groups biggest enemy isn’t Antifa or the Liberal government, but their own infighting.

Mack Lamoureux

Canadian Military Confirms Neo-Nazi Group Atomwaffen Was Within Its Ranks

A report by military intelligence outlines that since 2013, 53 Canadian Armed Forces members were either connected to hate groups or hate incidents.

Mack Lamoureux
Ben Makuch

YouTube Pulls Canadian Anti-Islam Vlogger Following Record Defamation Lawsuit Loss

Kevin J. Johnston conducted a vile campaign against Toronto restaurateur Mohamad Fakih on Facebook and YouTube.

Mack Lamoureux

Hamilton Promises Investigation Into Employment of Former Neo-Nazi Leader

The city council discussed their employment of Marc Lemire, former head of the Heritage Front, after VICE revealed he was working in their IT department.

Mack Lamoureux

Former Neo-Nazi Leader Has Been on City of Hamilton’s Payroll for Years

Former Heritage Front leader Marc Lemire has been working in the IT department of Canada’s tenth largest city. Former city councillor Matthew Green, who is black, feels he was put in danger by Lemire’s employment.

Mack Lamoureux

What It’s Like Monitoring Canada’s Yellow Vest Movement Every Day

‘Yellow Vests Canada’ carries the ‘greatest potential for radicalization leading to violence’ in the country, according to one researcher.

Ben Mussett

This ‘Uncensored’ Right-Wing Facebook Clone Allows Racism But Not Nudity

According to an expert, the attempted recruiting of far-right social media users by one Canadian man shows that deplatforming has its downsides.

Mack Lamoureux

Christchurch Shooting Suspect Donated to a Far-Right Group Active in Canada

The alleged gunman donated $2,000 to Generation Identity in 2018—a far-right group that has a chapter in Canada under the name ID Canada.

Mack Lamoureux

How a Greek-Canadian Community Got Caught in the Crossfire of a Far-Right Gathering

A Greek hall in Vancouver agreed to host far-right commenters Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern for a talk. It didn’t end well for anyone.

Zak Vescera

Canada Is Spending $300K On Research Into Far-Right Extremism

One researcher told VICE there has been 19 homicides committed by the far-right in Canada since 2014.

Mack Lamoureux