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sexual assault

How The Media’s #MeToo Failings Hurt Victims

When reporters are careless, it’s the victims who suffer.
Manisha Krishnan
Canada 150

Happy Birthday, Canada. Sorry, We’re Still Here

Indigenous people weren’t supposed to be here and that’s just one reason we reject Canada 150.
Ryan McMahon
indigenous culture

Ten Indigenous Writers You Need to Read Right Now

Following the Appropriation Prize controversy, Indigenous writing is more vital than ever.
Alicia Elliott
Canada 2167

Canadians Need to Face Uncomfortable Truths About How We Treat Indigenous People

As we approach Canada 150, it’s time we all get on the same page about this country and its terrible history.
Ryan McMahon
Canadian media

Jonathan Kay Is Going to Be Just Fine

He left The Walrus this weekend over the appropriation controversy, but he’s not going to leave Canadian media anytime soon.
Sarah Hagi
Cultural Appropriation

A Bunch of White Canadian Editors Really Love Cultural Appropriation

This week’s media controversy is a great reminder that the most powerful people in Canadian media are very white.
Sarah Hagi

Bell Media Blames CRTC's Ruling For Significant Super Bowl Ratings Drop in Canada

Ratings for the Patriots-Falcons Super Bowl on Bell Media's networks dropped 39 percent from 2016, as Canadians switched over to Fox to enjoy American commercials.
Daniel Samuel

Canada’s Obsession with Justin Trudeau’s Vogue Shoot Proves We Are Lame As Hell

Old white men are grumpy that our prime minister no longer looks like them.
Manisha Krishnan